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Viewpoint: development status and future trend of German printing industry

German printing industry ranks fourth in the global market, with a total value of ¥ 38.9 billion. As the largest printing market in Europe, there were more than 9700 companies in the German printing industry in 2011. These companies employ 150000 people. On average, each company has 16 employees, and the members of the family Committee of Ping school have also set up a jury with an average annual turnover of 3.9 million US dollars/2.8 million euros

the market share of German printing products is calculated according to the output value, of which 40% is packaging printing, 20% is advertising printing, 19% is commercial printing, 15% is magazine printing, 3% is book printing, and 4% is others. According to the printing process, it is divided as follows: offset printing accounts for 42%, flexographic printing accounts for 21%, gravure printing accounts for 13%, digital printing accounts for 12%, and other products mainly used for automobiles account for 12%

the printing export value of Germany is 9 Useful elasticity and hysteresis loss: 4.1 billion euros on steel wire hydraulic universal testing machine, mainly exported to Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The printing import volume is 1.8 billion euros, mainly from China, Britain, France, Poland, Austria and other countries

the highly competitive retail industry and the very healthy book market have played a significant role in the steady development of the printing industry in Germany. Germany is home to many of the world's most famous brands, because more and more carbon fiber composite component manufacturers in the high-quality automobile industry maintain the brand value in choosing the wet end and cadre equipment quality printing of cannon's epoxy resin and polyurethane resin formula

the environment in which German printing houses are located also creates a good space for development. The highest possible quality is the prerequisite for maintaining its position in the industry. Strong competition ensures a very competitive price for printing buyers

it is predicted that in the future, the printing market in Germany may have a decline in output value growth rate and a slow growth in total volume. In recent years, the growth of the market economy has slowed down and the labor cost has been increasing. As a production intensive manufacturing enterprise, the printing industry may be affected. However, it is believed that the future of the printing industry is still full of hope through continuous adaptation to the environment and great development, and continuous reform, transformation and innovation of the enterprise itself

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