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The current situation and future of China's snack food packaging I. The impact of the current situation on China's food packaging industry I: the international financial crisis has brought opportunities to China's food packaging industry

the international financial crisis originated in the United States has caused banks to suffer from the depreciation of US dollar assets, the insurance industry is facing a potential wave of surrender, foreign capital flees from China's stock market and property market, and the troika driving China's economy has stalled, slowed down and insufficient power. GDP may fall below 9% this year. The domestic employment situation is becoming more and more serious, and various problems are testing China. Fortunately, China has made great achievements in its reform and opening up over the past 30 years, which will become the most important foundation for China to meet the challenges. Experts have different opinions on how long the financial crisis will last, some say oneortwo years, some say threeorfive years, but at least everyone has a consensus that the impact of the financial crisis will now permeate all levels of society at different prices of experimental machines. For China, this crisis not only faces great challenges, but also contains infinite opportunities. This article will discuss the opportunities fortunately faced by the packaging industry

first of all, foreign trade enterprises have actively returned to compete for the domestic market, bringing opportunities to the food packaging industry

according to the data, the most obvious impact of the financial storm is that it has led foreign trade enterprises to actively turn back and compete for the domestic market. In order to cater to the packaging trend of the domestic market and seize their own territory, foreign trade enterprises need to gradually change their product packaging from simple, protective and passive packaging to brand, market-oriented and active packaging. This trend will inevitably bring opportunities to the food packaging industry, mainly reflected in the packaging planning industry, packaging printing industry and packaging logistics industry

the so-called simple and protective 5.6 adjust the clamping force control valve to the minimum and passive packaging refers to the previous packaging which mainly played the role of protecting products during transportation. Large cartons or wooden boxes are often used as the main packaging form, without pattern decoration, and only a few words are marked. In addition, even for small packaging products with creative pictures, their creative pictures only passively reflect the requirements of importers without any intention of independent brands. On the contrary, in order to compete with many brands in the market, packaging must stand out from a wide range of products, so that the brand is eye-catching, the product selling points are prominent, and it conforms to the consumption characteristics of consumers, that is, the packaging form of branding, marketization and initiative

secondly, the weakness of the international market has also led a large number of international companies to speed up their march into China Guangya aluminum products and begin to aim at the industrial aluminum profile market. This phenomenon has also brought many opportunities for the packaging industry, which will focus on the localization of products. It is not difficult to analyze that after international companies enter the Chinese market, their product packaging will have to adapt to the Chinese market, reduce logistics costs and gradually evolve to meet the market-oriented packaging in China due to the differences in consumer behavior and consumer psychology at home and abroad

impact II. Domestic food safety issues have brought challenges to China's food packaging industry

as we all know, the Sanlu milk powder incident broke out in the dairy industry, making China's food safety face major challenges. In recent years, numerous similar food safety problems have occurred. Under the current situation of the depreciation of the US dollar and the slowdown of domestic export trade, any food safety incident will worsen exports. Those foreign trade protectionists have the excuse to boycott Chinese goods, and the entry threshold for Chinese goods, especially food, will be higher

as the threshold is high, the awareness of food safety issues in various fields will naturally increase

first of all, it aroused the attention of the majority of food business owners to food packaging

this food safety incident is undoubtedly a fuse lock, stripping the cruel reality from the consumers, and formally putting the food safety issue under the public eye, which has become a major subject subject subject to everyone's supervision. As a result, Chinese food business owners have begun to pay attention to the food packaging issue: packaging must protect the quality of products; The printing of packaging shall meet the requirements of environmental protection; The design of packaging labels must accurately convey important safety information, etc

secondly, food safety issues have also aroused the attention of people engaged in food packaging related industries

in the past, from food packaging bag (film) products to carcinogenic PVC fresh-keeping film, from disposable fast-food boxes to toxic milk bottles, serious problems were found in the safety and health of packaging materials and printing inks. At present, plastic food packaging (including containers and tools) accounts for about 30% of food packaging in China. As the share of plastic food packaging in food packaging is rising, Food safety has become an indelible pain in the hearts of consumers. Nowadays, under the supervision of more and more consumers, the potential safety hazards of food have attracted the attention of those engaged in packaging related industries, including packaging raw materials industry, packaging printing industry and packaging planning industry

impact III. the intensification of domestic competition has led food business owners to pay more attention to packaging creativity

the roll up of the financial storm has made the Matthew effect more and more obvious. The strong enterprises with leading strength will become stronger and stronger, while some small and medium-sized enterprises will be phased out. Competition in the domestic market is about to intensify, causing food business owners to pay more attention to the problems of packaging creativity. In the past, they paid too much attention to the packaging cost and ignored the requirements for packaging quality. Packaging creativity is dispensable for them. Now, under the pressure of fierce competition, packaging without quality and personalization can only be eliminated. Therefore, the business owners will no longer be indifferent to the packaging creativity, but will take the initiative to seek excellent external brain, in order to improve the market competitiveness of products to seize the storm. They will re formulate the product packaging strategy, actively consider the improvement of packaging quality and the beautification of creativity to meet the needs of consumers, actively respond to the crisis, and minimize the impact of the storm

II. Current situation and Thinking on the packaging of Chinese candy and chocolate snack foods

current situation I: a sugar complex and confusion

in China, as soon as you mention milk candy, people will blurt out the big white rabbit. A lovely little white rabbit lay quietly in the grass without moving; A blue, white and red waxed paper corner wrapped milk candy that has remained unchanged for decades has poured into all living beings

similarly, when it comes to sorghum malt candy, people naturally have an image of three red characters on a yellow background with green bars on both sides

the big white rabbit has been born for more than 40 years. Some people say that the big white rabbit milk candy has created a business myth. The rabbit trail has spread to more than 40 countries and regions. The sales volume has increased significantly in the past two years, and it has won many honors such as Chinese famous brand and Chinese well-known trademark. During its 40 years of development, it has cultivated a large number of loyal consumers, which is a very precious brand asset. However, the entire political, economic and cultural environment in China has undergone earth shaking changes over the past 40 years. The people who came with the big white rabbit have now become parents, grandparents, and they are facing a new generation that they do not understand. The big white rabbit has also welcomed another generation of new consumers, and is the largest consumer group. From the perspective of popularity and image, the big white rabbit has a high reputation among the consumer groups over 40 years old. However, with the growth of age, from the perspective of health, their consumption of candy is becoming less and less, replaced by their children, that is, the new generation of teenagers. In the eyes of most teenagers, the older image of the big white rabbit has damaged its brand reputation. As a result, many people know that the big white rabbit is eating Youha and dove, which shows that the new consumer group has been marginalized by the big white rabbit. The substantial increase in sales in the past two years is mainly due to the sinking of the channel of big white rabbit and the improvement of the consumption level of the third and fourth level markets. When the channel can no longer sink, can the sales of big white rabbit have a great increase? The blue, white and red wax paper twist packaging, which has remained unchanged for decades, has high brand recognition, but at the same time, it has also bred many counterfeiters, which has greatly eroded the market share of milk candy and weakened the big white rabbit brand. In addition, the recent Sanlu milk powder incident also highlights the disadvantage that a milk candy makes the white rabbit's anti risk ability worse and worse

therefore, let's put aside the big brand strategy and product strategy. The author believes that big white rabbit sorghum and similar enterprises can also change their packaging image as a world-class product under the new situation, and there is no need to talk about changing color; The key lies in how to change steadily and gradually, what to keep and what to innovate, and how to complete it in several stages; Instead of one-time and thorough replacement; With the development of the times and the changes of consumers' aesthetic values, enterprises must also change the old and backward brand and product impression by reshaping the brand and product packaging image, re establish a brand-new image suitable for the requirements of the times, and then permanently maintain the vitality of the brand. There are many successful cases that can give us enlightenment: Coca Cola, McDonald's, Oreo biscuits and other brands in the United States have a history of twoorthree years, but they can not make people feel their aging at all. The main reason is that they benefit from their progressive enterprise spirit

status quo II. What else is there besides gorgeous packaging

in terms of the output of domestic candy and chocolate snack foods, Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian and Shandong are the main production areas. Guangdong has the largest output, and several giants are concentrated here, including Wrigley, xufuji and Xizhilang. The Fujian production area is developing most rapidly. In the past five years, the number of Fujian food enterprises obtaining Chinese famous brand products, Chinese well-known trademarks and national inspection free products is second to none in the country, which is called Fujian phenomenon in the industry. Its main brands include Yake, Jinguan, Lixiang, crayon Xiaoxin, etc. these enterprises are large-scale, with extremely rich product lines and a wide range of product packaging, It also has strong competitiveness in price. Especially in the new year and festival, festive products and bulk products have a considerable volume in the market. In terms of this superficial phenomenon, whether in stores or in the circulation market, rich product lines and gorgeous packaging have brought great terminal competitive advantages to enterprises

however, from a deeper perspective, businesses often only see the short-term benefits brought about by the rich product lines, and believe that changing packaging can meet consumers' pursuit of new things. However, when consumers are in a disordered sea of flowers, blinded by beauty and aesthetic fatigue, they will only derive a sense of resistance to those product packages that are vulgar in appearance and have no connotation, This is precisely the malpractice caused by the merchants' neglect of the visual inheritance and sense of series of product packaging. For example, we can often see the products of the same enterprise in the market. There are several packaging styles, and countless products are imitated, resulting in

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