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Door and window customization includes these aspects:

customization is more and more popular and has become a contemporary trend. Customization can meet the individual needs of different groups, meet the development of the times, and meet the pursuit of modern people for individual life. Simply put, door and window customization means that "customers ask door and window merchants to provide you with relevant product customization services according to their own sizes and styles"

door and window customization includes these aspects:

1. Choose a scheme

door and window customization. First, you need to choose a trusted customized door and window brand before you can give the most professional suggestions and schemes. Then, the professional shopping guide of meishigu store will ask you about your needs for doors and windows, preliminarily determine your customization requirements through explanations, demonstrations, illustrations, etc., and then formulate the best products and solutions for you

2. Door measuring ruler

MESCO doors and windows provides a free measuring ruler. After specifying the customized solution, professional installers can be arranged to make an appointment for door-to-door inspection and measurement to determine the size of door and window openings, wall structure, installation and transportation environment and the corresponding required configuration conditions as the basis for design quotation

3. Design & Quotation

on the basis of investigation and measurement, combined with the needs of customers, the company will arrange professional door and window designers to make your satisfactory design drawings according to the actual situation, and mark out the shape, material, area, configuration and other details of each door and window, and then make a quotation for the pre ordered products

4. Selection of door and window styles

choosing door and window styles is your real purchase behavior. Through the style of the renderings, combined with the decoration style of your own house and your own preferences, you can choose the color, material, door and window styles of the doors and windows, and integrate them into the overall architectural environment with the best effect, so as to maximize the use of space and match colors appropriately

5. Door to door installation

after the door and window style is selected, the door and window manufacturer will customize the production to ensure the uniqueness of the product. After the production of the product is completed, the customer will inspect the goods and pay the balance, and deliver the goods and install them according to the customer's needs and the contract. During the installation process, there are installation personnel self inspection, installation patrol and personnel sampling inspection to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service before acceptance. After the final acceptance, the customer or the client will enter the after-sales service link

customized doors and windows provide consumers with better services. Door and window manufacturers need to provide very detailed and professional supporting services at every step from receiving orders to product production and installation

the most important thing about customized doors and windows is the customized service of door and window products. Due to the particularity of door and window customization, we have great patience and professional services to meet the needs of customers in the decoration scheme, drawing modification and order adjustment. Therefore, before customers place orders, door and window manufacturers need to spend more time repeatedly communicating with consumers about design ideas and implementation effects, and achieve benign interaction with consumers in the whole process to better explain customers' questions. This is the attitude and service that a door and window customization enterprise should have





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