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Design is the soul of decoration, so how to choose a designer is particularly important in decoration. But how to choose an excellent designer is difficult for ordinary owners to distinguish in a short time. Now let's see how to identify whether designers are excellent

1. See the designer's works

you can view the designer's previous cases and design works. Observe what techniques he uses in different cases and the degree of in-depth understanding of each design scheme, so as to understand the connotation of the designer's professional skills

2. See the etiquette of the designer

see whether the designer has certain etiquette when talking with the owner, and whether some things promised to be done can be completed on time, so as to understand whether the designer has certain professional quality

3. Listen to the designer's design ideas

listen to his ideas on the functional layout of his house space, and listen to what kind of decoration methods he uses to deal with the house. For example, whether you have unique opinions on the treatment of irregular places in the room, and pay attention to whether the designer's analysis is on the spur of the moment or reasonable. At the same time, we should also listen to whether the designer can include the functional requirements of the owner when he expounds his ideas. If the designer blindly expounds his own so-called design style and design methods, but cannot say the reason of design, we should be careful in choosing such a designer

professional interior designers, their views on the problem are absolutely valid, and they will not talk casually. This is a mature practice. At the same time, professional designers rarely use the adjective of hype

4. Check the designer qualifications

professional interior designers will naturally have — Some academic certificates and other certificates, the most important of which is the major of environmental art design or architectural design. But don't pay too much attention to this one

5. Compare different designers

don't rush to decide on a designer. You can communicate with some designers first, and then compare the ideas of different designers to see who is more in line with your own ideas





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