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Link to good living "is the manufacturing concept that Lizhu brand has been pursuing. In the process of product development and design, each door embodies the unique charm of humanization

Li Zhu wooden door: the small details you can't see are all our painstaking efforts

After nearly a century of development, Lizhu has become a well-known manufacturer of indoor building materials and porch doors in Japan. "Link to good living" is the manufacturing concept that Lizhu brand has been pursuing. In the process of product development and design, each door embodies the unique charm of humanization. Exquisite details make a door not only a tool, but also a work of art, providing safety and convenience for our home life

first, security - add a more solid defense line for your home safety.

the porch door series products adopt the Japanese kajiasi intelligent security system, equipped with intelligent security card swiping keys and high prevention locks, fixed pins with hooks and unique safety knobs, to check the safety of your home. Kajiasi system saves the troublesome key operation and increases the convenience and peace of mind of life; The "2-point lock" with effective anti-theft and the fixed bolt with hook are used to improve the anti prying performance. In part of the design, we use 30mil special intermediate film glass, which has strong penetration resistance and is not easy to be damaged. Li Zhu's porch door is strict about security, and is only willing to provide better defense for your life and your family's life

II. Comfort - the thermal insulation performance upgrade will bring you a comfortable feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Lizhu porch door has excellent sealing, sound insulation and water tightness. As for the thermal insulation ability of door panels, we have further upgraded the gulilai series porch doors. We have upgraded the previous K2 thermal insulation performance to K1.5, which is 25% higher than K2. It can create a comfortable living environment for families all year round. The porch door has a thermal insulation structure with super thermal insulation performance and highly insulated double-layer glass. In terms of waterproof performance, the sealing performance is JIS W-2 grade *; Excellent sealing performance JIS A-4 grade * to prevent dust and ventilation of door seams; High sound insulation performance against noise JIS T-1 grade *

the porch door of Lizhu is an entry door that can be easily operated by the elderly and children. It is convenient for wheelchair access, low drop of entry steps, large opening of the door, light and large handle for pushing and pulling, and various humanized designs make your life more convenient and comfortable

III. Aesthetics - the unique design style creates an ideal home for you.

the wandos series is matched with the leather handle of the same material as the Lexus steering wheel, and adopts the unique design style and colorful splicing glass design, which is more beautiful; Gu Lilai II and jesta 2 have carried out the shape design of anti warping to deduce the real effect closer to nature. The side of the door leaf is also fitted with wood grain tone. When you open the door leaf, you will feel like a whole piece of natural wood

IV. seismic performance - the seismic specification with national patent

seismic performance may be a problem that many wooden door manufacturers will not pay attention to, but Lizhu wooden door has high requirements for seismic performance. When the door frame collides with the door due to the earthquake, the movable frame moves to absorb the collision resistance, making the door easier to open and close. Even in the face of natural disasters, Lizhu wooden door also tries its best to provide you with an opportunity to escape

living in Li, a door, is no longer a cold object. We bring the beauty of nature to the extreme and bring modern feelings into the design. Open the door is warm, close the door is the future

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Lizhu wooden door, open a healthy life





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