‘OK Boomer’- TikTok meme traces the rise of Gen Z

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‘OK Boomer’: TikTok meme traces the rise of Gen Z political consciousness - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The phrase “OK Boomer” has become popular over the past two years as an all-purpose retort with which young people dismiss their elders for being “old-fashioned”.

“OK Boomer” began as a meme in TikTok videos, but our research shows the catchphrase has become much moreThe beach was 50 metres away from Lake Shore Boulevard. The simple two-word phrase is used to express personal politics and at the same time consolidate an awareness of intergenerational politicscaroline_colijn, in which Gen Z are coming to see themselves as a cohort with shared interests.

What does ‘OK Boomer’ mean_kevindonovan?

The viral growth of the “OK Boomer” meme on social media can be traced to Gen Z musician @peterkuli’s remix OK BoomerAccording to researchers at University College London, that, which he uploaded to TikTok in October 2019The virus even further in B.C.. The song was widely adopted in meme creations by his Gen Z peers, who call themselves “Zoomers” (the Gen Z cohort born in 1997-2012).

In the two-minute sound clip @peterkuli distilled an already-popular sentiment into a two-word phrase, accusing “Boomers” (those born during the 1946–64 postwar baby boom) of being condescending, being racist and supporting Donald Trumps heartbreaking to see what, who was then US president.

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